The art of selling and why you shouldn’t be doing it.

We all know the feeling. Walking into a store and bam there is the assistant right in your face.

She starts talking about the weather, how your days been and then smack she’s all over you to buy the dress that you’re not feeling great in.

I’ve recently been speaking to a lot of business coaches who are amazing and I’m getting a lot out of speaking to each of them.

But I’ve also noticed they seem to have a script that makes you sign on the dotted line. One minute you’re not sure and next minute you’re spending thousands and not knowing how it happened.

I spoke to my sis (who is also a life coach) and asked her about it as it seemed a few had used the exact same line on me….

And did you get something out of our chat?

Now here’s my big shiny sales pitch and if you buy right now you’ll also get this free set of steak knives. But hurry I’ve almost sold out and this is your last opportunity to work with me. If you don’t it must mean you’re not ready to take your business seriously and in that case you’re never going to make it.

It is a sales technique that they’re learning!

I mean, really if that doesn’t push you to feeling like
1. You’re going to miss out on the steak knives.
2. You’re not taking your business seriously.
3. This is the deal of a life time and you’ll never get this big shiny opportunity again.

I don’t know what will.

So that’s got to be the perfect selling technique right?

You’ve just told them yes you got great stuff out of speaking to them and now you’re thinking that unless you sign up your business will fail.

You must be ready to sign on the dotted line. Wrong.

This works the first couple of times sure. But you know what? You then sit back and think about the conversation you start to feel like you’ve been taken advantage of. You’ve been sold and you’re not sure this is going to be the right fit for you.

Trust me that’s not how you want your customer to feel the first time they speak to you.

What if rather than selling someone on your latest offer or special deal you listen to your customers concerns.

Evaluate if you’re actually the right person to work with them. Offer them advice on how they can make their business better without a catch.

Know that as a customer I will buy if I like the product. Not because you sold it to me.

Did you know that when you book in a free consultation with me I won’t give you a price over the phone?

Our chat isn’t about me selling you on why you need to be working with me. You need to be checking out my fave projects and my work to find that out for yourself.

There won’t be a heavy sell at the end of our chat that leaves us both feeling icky.

What you will get is answers to your questions. Advice on the best way to organise your website and referrals to people who can make your website amazing.

Once we’ve chatted I then send you an email with everything that’s included when you work with me and prices. You also get loads of links and info that I think will help you to launch your website.

If were not a great fit to work together that’s completely ok. If that package isn’t going to work in your budget I get that.

If you got some great info about setting up your website and you like my work and want to see your website listed in my fave projects, unreal! I am buzzed to be working with you.

See the difference. When you stop selling your services you allow the customer to realise they want to work with you.

They get excited and feel buzzed about the new connection. And you know what. So do you.

I feel so much better working with amazing clients who I love and making their dreams come to life rather than selling someone who isn’t a good fit for me.

If it’s a great deal and you love what you do and you’re the right person for the job you won’t need to sell. The customer will decide to buy from you.

No ifs ands or buts about it! Business these days should be more about authenticity and connecting with people that you enjoy working with.

There are new ways of doing business and if you’re ready to succeed you need to start realising that your customers don’t want to be taken for a ride!

Any way that’s my rant over with, this one anyway :0)






P.S. If you’re after some advice about starting your online business and need some non tech speak about websites you should get in touch. No sleazy sales I promise!

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