9 ways to turn your customers on – Ecommerce version

So you’ve setup your lovely new store, you’ve got the cutest stock around and crickets!

No one is buying from you…. what the? That’s not the way it’s meant to work!

There are many factors to getting customers to visit your online store. These can include search engines, social media and even traditional advertising. But this article isn’t about traffic. Today we’re assuming that you already have loads of potential customers visiting your store. You’re just not making any orders.

Just like a retail store your customers want an experience from your store. In person they can use all their senses to involve them, this gives retail a distinct advantage. But that’s not to say we can’t turn our browsers on and convert them to customers.

Here are 9 ways that you can turn your customers on…

1. Professional photos.

I can hear you umming and ahhing from here. By professional photos I do not mean you need to be paying big bucks every time you get new stock. Sure using your distributors photos is a quick way to get around this but what if you took the time to make your photos personalised.

You don’t need a fancy camera or expensive lighting. To create a professional photo all you need is a nice sunny day, a large window or outside if you need to and some white cardboard.

By using a large sheet of white cardboard you can create a beautiful background for your product. Use this method to point out small details that your customers will love.

By providing detailed photos and various angles you can replicate the customers sense of sight. Remember they can’t pick up your product so make sure to use as many photos as possible.

2. Detailed Descriptions

Again, if you remember that your customer can’t pick up your product you can start to guess what details they need. Don’t make your customers guess! If it has a hidden handle tell them. If it’s a large item make sure to include measurements so that they know it will fit. If it’s clothing you’re selling provide a detailed sizing chart.

Involve your customers senses and write about your products with them in mind. Which would you buy? The grey children’s skirt or the soft and luxurious tutu’s designed for little princesses?

Use your imagination. Use your words and provide your customer with an experience. The aim here is to combine your words and photos to give your customer a physical sense of the product.

3. Up selling

That’s right this is sleaze free selling! Just add products that would work well with your to die for tutu including shoes and accessories.

Showing off products that are a perfect fit for the one your customer is viewing is genius. Who wouldn’t love it if shops put outfits or items that create an interesting display together. Oh wait they do! They do that for a reason. To show your customer how they come together and to encourage buying more than one piece.

More pieces in each order means less postage and less time spent on each individual order.

4. shipping & returns

A customer doesn’t know if you use a courier or if you’re miles away from a metro town and the mail will take longer. If your products take 5 days to make before they’re posted or they get shipped the next day. Make sure you tell them.

If you look at retailers online and off, you’ll usually see a returns policy displayed front and centre. This is important to customers. They want to know when to stalk the mailman (we all do it!) and if they were a little optimistic with sizing that they can swap it for another.

The more detail that you put into a shipping and returns page the better. You can even take note of questions that you receive and put them into a FAQ page along side your shipping and returns. This gives your customer confidence before they’ve even bought anything.

5. quick checkout

Don’t make your customer pat their head and rub their tummy. It’s too difficult. Now that you’ve got your customer’s basket loaded up with amazing goodies it’s time to make it easy for them. Quick checkouts can involve guest checkout, facebook login or even Paypal express. Anything that won’t deter your customers.

You’ll also want to let your customers know that your site is secure, that you won’t spam them or sell their details either. Again, provide your customer trust and assurance. Make them comfortable with buying from you.

6. order updates

Woo Hoo! You’ve made the sale. Don’t leave your customer hanging. Let them know their sale is processing and when you’ll be shipping. Once shipped let them know. Order statuses can be personalised or sent automatically, it’s up to you. But be sure to keep your customer in the loop.

Again build trust and let your customers know that they are important to you. A simple note with the shipping details and when they can start stalking the postman is always appreciated.

7. beautiful packaging

Your customer has been waiting patiently for the postman for a few days now – which would they prefer?
Their order packaged in the plastic the supplier sent or a personal touch with tissue paper and a note?

Again, I’m not saying that you need to go all out but remember that your order is a gift. Each order placed grows your business and a simple thank you won’t go astray.

The effort that you put in here will also add to the final point below.

8. Social proof

You’ve done all the hard work, you’ve given your customer a fantastic experience. The product they’ve received is even more beautiful than you described and now you’re rewarded.

Your customer takes a photo, tells a friend, leaves a thank you note on your social media. They’ve just become raving fans and raving fans are your number one way to making more profit. Each person that your fan refers already has trust in you – they’ve heard first hand that you’re amazing. This means it’s less work to get orders and sales become easier and the opportunity is endless. If you keep up the high quality your fan base will keep growing and supporting your business.

9. Follow up

This is an added bonus. What if you went back to that first raving fan and said thank you for your business here’s $5 off your next order over $50? Would they tell more friends? Would they put in another order? More than likely yes.

There is a point to note here. Be sure to offer something that is not going to put a great big hole in your bottom line. Only offer this if it is viable for your store. Another alternative is to include a gift in their order or add them to a VIP list that gets access before the general public to sales and special offers.
Who doesn’t want to be a VIP?

So there you have it 8 ways that you can turn your customers on. Are you making any changes to your business? I’d love to hear about your results.


P.S. Still not sure on what you can do to boost your profits book your strategy session to get personalised ideas for your business today.

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