I’m Em, website whisperer, tech translator and your biggest cheerleader!

It’s my mission to take the ideas in your head and bring them to life in a way that is simple, profitable, and beautiful.

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Who is Morris Bear?

The Company

Morris Bear was born from a passion to help women to live their best life, with a balance between running their business and clocking up quality family time. In fact, the early days of building Morris Bear happened when I had to leave my job to care for my mum.

I got to build my business and refine my web development skills. And years down the track, Mum still road tests my websites for usability.

The Legend

Morris Bear himself is actually my childhood teddy bear. He still lives beside my bed.

The Person

I’m Em Winch. I created my first website when I was 13. It was amazing to learn the language of coding and to watch my code come to life.

I love coding. I love sales strategy. Brand colours, sales funnels, automation. All the elements that come together to make your website work for you. I see myself as a translator. I know that most people really don’t want to know the details for what goes on to make a website work flawlessly. No techno speak. I promise!

I believe that your focus should be the success of your business and that my job is to give you the best tools to make success seem simple.

We work together so that your clients have glowing praise for every step of their interaction with you.

Ultimate Homepage for Coaches - Coaching Website Design

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Clunky, haphazard, and embarrassing.

Your outdated website is a liability.

And the reason you are still hustling so hard for every client.

Your website is either your business’ greatest asset or its a money-sucking liability robbing you of clients, bookings and time.

Your website should be working around the clock so that you don’t have to.

With the number of websites online its harder than ever to stand out in a sea of sameness and it’s essential to position yourself and your brand as The Ultimate Authority. 

A strategic website will do just that. 

Integrating your email marketing, sales funnels and social media efforts into your website not only sets your clients up for success it also sets you apart as an expert so that you can raise your rates, sell out your services and spend more time in your zone of genius (or relaxing on the couch – totally up to you!)

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That’s the power of a Wildly Wealthy Website. 

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Ready to stop being the internets’ best kept secret?

If you’re not getting found online you’re never going to make the impact and income that you’ve been dreaming of.

Your website not only needs to look good to convince your dream clients that you are the expert but it also needs to show up in Google, but it needs to function beautifully, be a smooth experience no matter what device, and actually automate your business.

This is the first step to looking like the expert that you are.