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Website Design

Does your website connect with your clients?
Fill your booking calendar?
Make you a profit?
You know you need a website to help turn that dream into a business, but you are sweating the details. You don’t know where to start.

Maybe you are stuck trying to decipher all the web lingo and geek speak.

You don’t care about all the code on the backend, you just want your website to work.

You’ve looked at all the Wix, the Weebly, the WordPress and Squarespace and so many different options it’s completely done your head in.

You don’t need a degree to launch your online business, you need someone to make the process simple and painless.

I work with you to…


Take what’s in your head and make it work so you can build a thriving business.


Save you from endless options that give you a headache and words that only web geeks use.


Answer your questions and deliver you practical advice.


Most of all, my mission is to make sure that when your project is done you feel empowered, confident and ready to take on the world with your business.

It is my mission to partner with you to create a business that not only lights you up and leaves you fulfilled but also runs smoothly and give you full control, empowering you to be the boss I know you can be.

Website Design & Digital Strategy that grows your business

Maximise Your Impact with Custom Website Design & Sales Funnel Development

Our Signature offering, Elevate Your Online Presence, is literally everything you need to establish yourself as an expert and authority.

Complete with every page required to build trust, establish report and grow your service based business on autopilot – just add traffic!

Sales Page Design & Automation

Your signature sales page is your golden ticket. Get this right and you’re opening doors and your clients are opening their wallets.

Book and onboard your clients seamlessly with fully integrated sales pages. We’ll work with your launch team (or yourself if you’re still hands on!) to maximise the return on your program.

E-Course Website Design & Development

Leverage your knowledge and your time by creating your very own E-Course. Run group programs, individual training, evergreen or limited access – it’s completely up to you.

Personalise every aspect of your e-course with custom login, sales pages and full membership platform all housed on your website keeping you in full control and not handing over all of your hard work for someone else to manage.

clear and simple processes

How does a website design work?

Apply to work together

I work with limited clients each month & and your application determines if we’d be a good fit – something like Harvey and Donna.

Planning & digital strategy

We plan your site flow & how to optimise your site for your clients – this involves our signature Prep School and a VIP Momentum Day.

Bespoke design with your client in mind

From brand recognition to psychological formulas your website is designed for you – with your client in mind to ensure it resonates with them.

build, connect & launch!

Here comes the fun part!
I’ll automate your entire attraction process and you can start booking clients straight away!

At Morris Bear Digital we immerse ourselves in your business and take pride in our role becoming dedicated business partners with you – it’s the reason the majority of our clients are still with us years later. 

Due to the nature of this, we work with a select number of clients at a time and are selective about the company we keep.

If you’d like us to partner with you on building your business, it all starts with a conversation.

Would you like consistent clients in your business?

Let’s Chat about Your Project

Is your website costing you sales?

That clunky, haphazard website that’s stuck in 2016. It’s a liability.

And it’s the reason you hustle so hard to sign on even one client.

Stop underestimating the power of your website.

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