Sure your homepage is important – it connects with your clients, shows that you’re an expert and gives your clients a next action to take.

Your about page is one of the most visited pages on your website – but it’s still not the most important in terms of conversions.

The best chance that you have for converting a visitor into a lead is actually the thank you page!

Not creating custom thank you pages yet?

Here’s why you should.

Imagine this. Someone lands on your website – they’ve searched for your niche or they’ve found you on social media and they’re on the fence about working with you.
You’ve created an irresistible lead magnet that will help them solve their problem.

It’s a no brainer right?

If you’ve made your lead magnet with your dream clients in mind this is an easy opt-in.

Then you show them a thank you message that says check your email.

So they leave.

Sure they’re now signed up to your mailing list but let’s be honest how many times are you emailing them?


You direct them to a secret page that thanks them for downloading, congratulates them on their action and then gives them another action to take….

Say they watch a video where they see your passion for what you do.

You invite them to jump on a call with you and discuss their problem 1:1

You show them your latest webinar that runs through your signature solution and sells them on the program

The more time that someone commits to your website and connecting with you – the more likely they are to buy from you.
It’s psychology.

So what’s the next step to move your client from PROBLEM to SOLUTION?

Want to learn more about what to include on your Thank You Page? Check out the latest episode of Elevate TV below Are you wasting the biggest opportunity to CONVERT Clients Consistently?