Sales Funnel Or Website? Which Is Better For Your Business?

Websites vs Sales Funnels… What’s the difference? Do you need one? Do you need both? Tune in to find out!
If you’re involved in any kind of business online you’ve likely heard about Sales Funnels as well as Websites and it may have you confused about what you really need.
In today’s video I’m breaking down what role each plays in your online presence and how combining the two can deliver incredible conversions.

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Let’s chat. All things websites, so today I’ve got a good one that I want to talk about because I’ve been seeing a lot of people that are promoting Sales funnel, right?

Sales funnel. I love them, absolutely love them. But there’s a lot of people just promoting it.

You just need Sales funnel. That’s fine. Just do a quick sale. You’re twenty-seven dollar bloody offer.

You’ll get all your money back, we’ll push up the price of Facebook ads and then everyone will be hunky-dory, not so much.

Do you know that seventy five per cent of people will actually Google you after seeing your paid ad, so they’re going to find your website regardless.

Now, most of the time you will hear people saying websites added did websites are useless and it’s generally coming from a marketplace because the marketing aspects are completely different.

So here’s the deal. Generally, the website is a static option. It’s your home page or about page. Your contact page is basically the only thing on there that kind of does anything.

That’s not how it should be, but that’s the common understanding of what a website is, it’s quite static, it stays the same. You have your services listed and then people will magically come to your website. It doesn’t really work like that. When people are looking marketers and things are looking at sales funnel, they’re looking at something that’s actually quite active versus something that’s quite passive. So Web site is typically passive and static, so it doesn’t change all that much where your sales funnel is actually something that you are actively pushing, running people to driving traffic, to getting people involved in.

So it’s actually got a purpose. So your sales funnel, when we talk about that, can be something like your sales page, your email follow up sequence. It doesn’t even have to have an email follow up sequence. It can be a series of ads. It’s basically a way for you to make sales. So you target everymen under the sun and then you refine it down in that funnel shape down into the people who need your special skills. So I know for me, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.

It doesn’t always gel. So this funnel actually allows you to filter out those people and make sure that you’re reaching the right people, the people who you love to work with, the people who absolutely adore working with you, and the people who are willing and able to pay your rates. So that gets rid of all of your price comparison, all of your discount shopping, all of the things gets rid of it all.

Now, when we go into this stuff, it’s actually really easy to look at it. OK, I need a Sales funnel bin because that’s what’s going to make me sales. And this is why I’ve actually put together my signature service, which is elevate your online presence, because it’s actually a website and a sales funnel.

So the thing is, you actually need a website without a sales funnel is very static, it’s very passive, and you will spend all of your time repeating yourself, trying to drum up business, working with less than ideal people, working for peanuts and not getting the results. So not getting the income, not getting the impact that you know, that you are mindful. So when you actually combine your static websites with your action taking sales funnel, that’s when you get this synergistic overview, you get an online presence.

It’s a complete process where people will see your paid ads, will see your promotions, we’ll see your links that you’re sharing, and then they’ll actually be moved through this automatically.

So you’re not wasting all of your time doing consulting, not wasting all of your time doing all of the things for peanuts and, you know, working with people who don’t adore you and don’t love the work that you do and that you don’t love the work they do either. That’s why this whole thing becomes really, really important. And I know every time I ease off the Sales funnel bandwagon, I actually start to really drag through.

And it’s that passion and that warmth that really needs to stay present to keep you moving through your business. This is a marathon and not a sprint.

I’ve been in working for myself for 11 years now. And honestly, it is always an evolution. It is always testing. It is always trying new things. It is always evolving.

So let’s have a look at what your website is. This is what your sales families and how the two actually coexist, because what you’ll say is most people will actually see your offer. You’ve all seen them. People will send you to an ad.

Let me flip this over to screen check quickly.

OK, there we go. OK, so you’ve got your office, right, so this is your typical sales page and this is one of our templates available.

This is your typical sales page. This is what you will be promoting during a launch promoting during all of your marketing and things, driving people to this. So this actually starts to filter out the people who want to work with you and people who don’t want to work with you.

And we’ve got a cat going as well. So, again, it’s a zoo around here. I don’t have kids. I have four babies.

We just roll with it. So you go through and this is very driven to action. This is made to actually sell your service. But what happens if someone’s seen this for the first time and they’re not sure about what can you say?

This is a two thousand dollar programme and they’ve seen you before. They’ve seen your hype and things, but they want to know a little bit more.

Typically, people will either go and do this.

I know this is what I do. I type the, um, the sales page of the URL and just put in the domain name and go to the main site.

So this goes straight to your home page.

This is where when you are using products like click funnels or Laide pages, something like that, where it’s actually using a different domain name, it becomes Triqui people will go to I don’t know what that’s doing.

My cat Cat’s playing with camera. People will typically go to Google. Now, here’s the trouble that I take it with anything where you aren’t using your own domain name, if you are using your name, fine, you might be found. If you are using a strange name, it’s more difficult to find you in Google. You need to have a really solid website that backs that up so that people can actually find you because not everyone is going to buy this two thousand dollar programme straight off the bat.

They’re not going to be interested. What they will do, though, is they can go and find out all about you. So they will jump back into your homepage. They will read through quite often.

They’ll jump on your mailing list and find out how you work. People want to know about you and how this works before they invest.

So giving them all of this information on your website to actually back up your sales funnel is the ultimate in this combination.

It means that you have both options ready to go.

So we go through you’ve got your homepage, you’ve got your about page. People want to see photos of you want to see how you work, what you do.

Then you’ve got things where you can actually sell them off the back end of that website, so you would have a sign up page, make sure that they are getting that freebie and then look at ways that you can actually show them an offer, make them an offer and actually give them a bite sized way of working with you. The people who buy these programmes are actually the ones that will convert into your high offers as well. And that’s what you want to really get a handle on.

And that’s where these twenty seven dollar offers are coming from. They’re building a list of buyers, so they are making money off the twenty seven dollars.

Usually it’s costing them about the same amount to actually get that out there. So it’s costing them in Facebook ads and things to actually get that out there. But you’ll see up sales, you’ll see things that are oh, how you could spend another 20 dollars, you could spend another fifty dollars, you could spend another hundred dollars. And it all takes you through this process of saying what your buying limits are. Now, this is something that I work with clients on all the time.

This is my absolute gem. I love this stuff because I love working out how your customer moves from not knowing who you are through to a raving fan.

So they are addicted to everything you do. Most of my clients have been with me for a number of years and I love that you really want to have fans that keep coming back to you upgrading. In my case, a lot of my clients will come back and upgrade that website and rebrand and all of the things take it to the next level. So that’s what I love and that’s how I actually help my clients get to the same point so they become an irresistible online brand.

So this is completely avoidable if you are wanting to do Facebook ads, if you’re wanting to do Google ads from wanting to avoid ads altogether, you can one hundred percent do this with a bit of hustle. They sales funnel actually make it a lot easier because you’re able to share the same thing over and over just organically. You’ll see me later today popping up some stories that are links to working with me, links to this House page that I’ve shown you today, links to all of those funnel templates as well.

But it’s actually getting the two of them to work together where the magic really starts to happen.

So the good news is I am opening up applications for elevate your online presence as we speak. So I have four spots before the end of twenty twenty, which is ridiculous.

But I’ve left these ones at the last minute.

I have got a sneaky one for October. If you are watching this right now, let me know. Shoot me a damn and we can get you set up. But I have four bookings left for the end of the year and that is the only way to work with me one on one other than my design days, which are booked up till November at this point. So if you want help with bringing this to life right out, Simmy and damn, leave me a comment below and we’ll get in touch and discuss those plans for you.

I like to sit down with you and actually make a profit plan and say, OK, this is where we start. This is where we need to get them to and this is the end result and work out what that profit plan looks like for your business and for you. So if you want to learn more all about that, you can jump onto Morris Bear Designs, come forward, slash, elevate all of the details. They you can see the previous sites that we’ve launched.

There’s actually a special bonus for the twenty twenty year because Horizon is a bit of a bitch.

So there’s some extras in there as well as payment plans to make it a little bit easier coming into the end of the. This is a really good time to start to amp up your business in time for Christmas, time for the New Year and that feeling refreshed moving into this new energy.

So jump on over Morris Bear Designs. Com.

You can see all of the templates and the links to elevate your online presence, as well as my design for a day programme, which you can get started with really, really quickly. So if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. And I would love to know, are you a website go or a sales funnel go or are you getting smart and incorporating the two? I will see you all next time.

Thank you for tuning in and joining with me and have an awesome rest of your.


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