Is your website wasting your time? 5 tasks your website should be managing for you

In today’s crazy world we’ve become all about hustle. Glorifying busy and going bigger and better at any cost. Unfortunately for most of us – myself included – that means burnout, illness and generally loathing the business we’ve created.

After 8 years running Morris bear and 15 years being self-employed I got hit with over 100 blood clots scattered throughout my legs and lungs. At 30 years of age, I was being told that I was on the brink of a heart attack and lucky to be in the hospital. That’s scary stuff to hear, and it certainly pricked my ears up. I had been “hustling” my little butt off. Running a successful business full time, running to stay fit and healthy (that worked out well!) and running a household. Side note here to all the work from home, stay at home mums and mums in general – you’re all super women!

I’d been running all the way to the hospital.

I was working with some amazing clients at the time who were understanding of delays in building their websites. But I knew that something needed to change.

In the last 3 years, I’ve made a lot of changes to the way I work. Bringing in systems and processes that take a lot of mundane tasks off my plate and give me time to meditate, do yoga and look after myself. I’ve even cleared all of the blood clots in my body and have gotten off all medication.

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite ways to make your website work for you.Schedule your calls.

1.Schedule your calls.

Do you book in consult calls or appointments with clients? I work on one of the largest investments you’ll ever make in your business and having time for a “chemistry call” is essential to my onboarding.

This chat is over Skype and working remotely, I regularly speak to women from all over the world and in different time zones.

Normally this would involve a tonne of emails back and forth comparing times and almost always resulting in one of us being an hour early.

That’s all a thing of the past now.

After you’ve requested a quote you’re taken to Bookly – my online calendar. It’s linked to my google calendar so I get notified of appointments on my phone and computer. It’s preset with available days and times so that I can have dedicated coding days and give your business my focused attention. And it calculates time zones automatically!! Life saver! It also cuts out those never-ending “does 3 pm work for you” emails.

2. Sell your products.

Last year I put together a training day on How to Master Mailchimp.

The feedback I received from the free training was phenomenal and I transferred this into a workshop that you could purchase through my website.

The sales are completely automatic and users are given immediate access to the video and slide download. Let me tell you Random ca-ching notifications from PayPal and  automatic payments are the most fun!

Is there a workshop /product or service that you could be selling through your website?

3. Email marketing.

While this one is not entirely on my website I felt it needed to be here for so many reasons.

I use MailChimp for all of my email marketing, while the letters that I send are sporadic and left for when I get super excited about something my Mailchimp is always taking care of me in the background.

When you sign up to receive any of the free downloads on my site ([thrive_2step id=’214175′]The Ultimate Coaching Homepage Blueprint[/thrive_2step]Like ) you are automatically filtered to Mailchimp where you’ll start receiving a series of welcome emails to get to know you and to share other posts or information that will be helpful for where you’re at in business.

You may have found my page from anywhere on the Internet and these welcome emails are a fantastic way to introduce myself and share my knowledge and passion for building hustle free businesses.

It also offers you a chance to jump on a call with me and get some serious strategy tailored for your business, which builds a like, know and trust factor and breaks down some of the barriers to working with me.

4. Building rapport.

This for me is one of an essential element of any online business.

Building the same relationships you can have if someone was to walk into your bricks and mortar store.

In person, you can speak to someone, get a feel for their personality and create a connection. If you love the service you’re more likely to drive out of your way for that handcrafted coffee than going to the drive-thru.

Online that’s harder to come by, sure reading blogs and stalking social media (Check out Instagram to watch the behind the scenes of my upcoming launch!) is a great start but how do you seal the deal.

That’s why I love videos – stay tuned for more of these to pop up! Not only do you get to hear my best Aussie accent but you also get a feeling of connection and trust. You start to know how I operate and whether working with me would be a good fit.

Now with the added bonus of Facebook live, Instagram stores and snap chat you can be doing video’s for your business from your mobile phone!

5. Client onboarding.

From the first initial quote request through to launching your hustle free website the steps are the same for each client that I work with.

This not only gives me direction for what I need to be doing each day but also gives my clients reassurance in what’s happening behind the scenes on their project.

The trick here is that anything that you do more than 5 times can be automated.

So for example when you request a quote through my site you will automatically receive an email from 17Hats (life changing!).

This program is basically a “virtual” virtual assistant and can keep you on track so of course I’ve personalized it all and you’ll actually get an email from Morris (meet morris bear!) it thanks you, let’s you know I’ve received your email and also gives you a welcome packet that has a bit more info on how I work, it then refers you back to bookly to set up a chemistry call. Pretty neat huh?

The coolest part is that it also formulates my quotes and follow-ups, sends out contracts and automatically breaks down payments to send invoices!

All up this is saving me a tonne of manual work that I was previously doing every time I received a quote request!

By thinking about the overall picture of how I work with clients and stepping through the entire process, I’ve not only made it easier for clients to get in touch with me but it’s saving me hours each week – enough that I now have 3 day weekends each week.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Emma and it’s my mission in life to help others launch, grow and nurture their dreams.  I’m the straight talking nerd that can take the vision for your business and complete the puzzle to getting your business online. When I’m not shooting photos or dancing you can find me playing with the latest gadgets and tools to make your business so much easier. I work with women all over the globe to create businesses that light them up and inspire others. You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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