The world needs you!

I keep getting shown this quote print by the lovely Miss Lara Casey and its message is so important for each of you to hear.

While we start out our journey in to working for yourself and being your own boss things can get pretty freaking scary. Ok heads up! It never really goes away!

You start to question yourself, second guess your ideas.

Debate on investing in yourself, wondering if your product/service/monkey will sell. I don’t think it’s legal to sell monkeys by the way!

You’ll go through these emotions and then over again in a vicious circle.

What if it’s already been done? What if I fail? What if …..

How about even just for today. Just right now you change the story.

What if you succeed? What if you can support your family while doing what you love? What if the world is waiting for your special kind of YOU?

Guess what?

It is.

We are. 

Every day more and more women are taking the steps to leap into who they were always destined to be. You should be one of them.

Yes, it’s scary, yes you might fail. But what does your life become without trying? Sure there are going to be issued and it’s going to take a little while. But there are wonderful people out here to support you. To encourage you. To help you grow.

So how about it? Let’s make today special and ask what if and only answer with a positive thought. What can you do today to take one (it can even be tiny!) step towards the future that you want.

I’d love to help you take those first exciting, adrenaline pumping, sweat inducing first steps. Leave me a comment below on how you’re ready to leap and I’ll do my best even if you just need a cheerleader! Don’t forget to share this post and encourage your friends to take their first steps too. Were waiting on you.

Woo Hoo, Let’s do this!


About the Author

Hi, I’m Emma and it’s my mission in life to help others launch, grow and nurture their dreams.  I’m the straight talking nerd that can take the vision for your business and complete the puzzle to getting your business online. When I’m not shooting photos or dancing you can find me playing with the latest gadgets and tools to make your business so much easier. I work with women all over the globe to create businesses that light them up and inspire others. You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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