Finally. Website design for female entrepreneurs designed to convert more clicks into clients.

You’re a dreamer, a planner and a natural born entrepreneur.

You’re tired of the everyday.

You’ve been dreaming about how your business idea can free you from your 9 – 5, give you the freedom that you crave and pay for your lifestyle in abundance.

You’ve Googled for weeks but you’re a smart cookie and you know that building a website is not your strength. You know that your time would be better spent perfecting your craft, sourcing your range or living your life.

Morris Bear was created for you.

To take the dreams and plans in your head combine them with stunning websites designs, smart business strategy and effective marketing to build the gorgeous foundations for your online business.

I design websites for female entrepreneurs who want to build a profitable business. To build websites. To build lifestyles.

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First impressions count. Especially online. Your website is your absolutely your biggest business asset. And can be your biggest downfall. 

Over 60 conversion tips and tricks to convert more clicks into clients.

Previous Website Designs

I’ve been designing websites for amazing female entrepreneurs, just like you, and helping them launch and grow profitable online businesses for over 10 years.

I’ve put together a range of case studies and details of some of my favourite projects to date.

Website Design for Female Entrepreneurs
Website Design for Female Entrepreneurs
Website Design for Female Entrepreneurs
Website Design for Female Entrepreneurs

Website design for female entrepreneurs that help you Raise Your Prices.
sell out your services. Become the Ultimate Authority.

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Launch your one of a kind website with the help of our team – in a matter of weeks. 

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Prefer to DIY? Take a look at our conversion optimised website templates + DIY Resources.

The results are worth it!
I have definitely enjoyed being able to direct people to my professional website and telling them to book through there which then prompts the automation process- leaving me more time to focus on clients.
Automation is a great thing…

Renee Scuilli Sweet Dreams Baby
Renee Scuilli

From $16,000 – $250,000+
My website works…not just the links, I mean it’s functional. It tells people where I want them to go, and prompts them to ask for the sale/give service when it’s appropriate.
I wondered if I would actually get a return on working with you. I did. Over and Over again.
Everything that you have ever done has produced results.

Lacey Barratt Lacey Barratt Birth Photography
Lacey Barratt

We just want to say Thank you so much for all that you did for us + for the amazing website that you built. You are wonderful + we feel truly blessed to have found you! Love + Light,

Belle & Andy Peoni Home
Belle & Andy

I would recommend Emma and Morris Bear to anyone that is looking at starting a new website or your website needs a refresh! Emma is the one-stop girl that can help make your business look amazing with a professional feel and to make the ‘behind the scenes’ system run smoothly and efficiently. Emma is always contactable and will reply and keep you updated with the progress which is something I value as I know if anything goes wrong with my website she is always there to help!

Leah Piper Little Lola Boutique
Leah Piper

Em is wonderful to work with, very passionate and full of creative ideas.
It is her absolute mission to help you achieve exactly what you want.
Every time we added something new to the mix, Em found a way to make it work.

James & Rebecca Lily n Rose
James & Rebecca
Female Website Designer for creatives - sell out your service based business

An Australian WordPress expert and website designer for female entrepreneurs all over the world. I help you to launch and grow successful online empires and become financially independent.

I work 1:1 with clients to create website designs, online courses and sales funnels that make sure that your ideal clients know who you are, fall in love with your brand and trust you from the second they land on your home page so that you can charge premium rates, sell out your services and spend more time doing the things you love!

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One of my life missions is to make technology simple.

To break down the overwhelming tech barriers for female entrepreneurs and empower them to grow an online business and become financially independent.

As part of that mission, I regularly post updates here on my blog.

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WordPress vs. Sqaurespace: Which is right for your online business?

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