Monthly Maintenance for Your WordPress Website + FREE Printable checklist

So you’ve made the decision to use WordPress for your website. You’ve either slaved over DIY’ing your design and have spent months getting it perfect or you’ve handed over your hard earned cash to a WordPress website designer and you’re ecstatic with the results.

You’ve seen an increase in people visiting your website. You’re getting some fantastic compliments. And more than anything you’re making sales. Can I get a hallelujah?

WordPress is a phenomenal platform, I exclusively work with it because of the different types of sites that can be created with it, basically, if you’ve got an idea for an online business there is a WordPress plugin available to help you launch it. That’s pretty handy.

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But one of its greatest assets is also its greatest liability. WordPress is entirely Open Source – which means that hundreds of thousands of users are able to contribute and expand on the base functionality of it.

Simply put your website is the grand sum of many different coders, developers, and designers. And that is EPIC!

The downside to this is that not everyone is as keen to see (or do) good in the world and hackers and attackers can also access this code to try and access your site.

Now I bet you’re probably thinking but why would any one want to mess with my little website?

Basically, because they can. And they are.

It’s a test. A trial. A game if you will.

Thankfully, the wonderful world of WordPress is constantly evolving and when a security hole is exposed they are all very quick to jump on a fix and push it out to the community – thanks for all the hard work guys!

So, if they’re constantly pushing out updates why do I need to care?

The majority of websites (including WordPress websites that I build!) have automatic updates switched off by default so that there aren’t any issues with one part being updated and others not keeping up.

Wait, what? What does that mean?

When a major update is pushed out, there will usually be a delay for plugin creators and theme builders to be able to update and make sure that everything remains running smoothly.

That’s why I recommend doing all of your updates manually and in a specific order to ensure that your site remains secure.

By completing the updates for your theme, followed by your plugins and finally WordPress you can ensure that all of your plugins and theme are ready for the new format of WordPress. And still functions the same way.

I’ve created a checklist that walks you through the entire process, with prompts to update and even celebrate once you’re all done!

Click the image below to download your copy to print out and check all your monthly updates.

With big dreams + big action,

Em x

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