website design & digital strategy for female coaches and entrepreneurs.

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Exactly what you need to put on your homepage and where to make you IRRESISTIBLE to your ideal clients without being salesly or sleazy!


How to overcome price comparison with the reasons and psychology behind conversions and how to seduce your dream clients making you the ONLY choice!


How optimising your website can boost your SEO and start generating organic leads without paying a cent!

This Blueprint will give you a complete snapshot of how strategy can increase your leads, your income and your influence… without needing to be at your computer 24/7!

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YES! I want a Website that generates Clients!

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Investing in my website has allowed me to think bigger. For myself, for my business.

Trusting in Emma to just understand my vision, and what I am about, has been especially liberating for a control freak like me, too.

Emma has been so easy to talk to, so reliable, so patient and so damn motivating. She totally speaks my language and she made this entire experience so freaking fluid & wonderful.


Angela Gallo – Business for Birth Nerds

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