When I fist started Morris bear in 2008 things were a lot more simple. I had a service, premade online stores, I knew people were looking for ways to make setting up an ecommerce website simple. I set up a quick website, obviously with my target keywords and written with search engines in mind. Then I jumped in to every forum I could find, I helped people with website questions. We got to know each other, we supported each other.

Nowadays my time is filled up with measuring metrics on my Facebook, comparing likers and followers, checking to see how I compare against my competitors. Thinking up hashtags, looking to make connections, sharing ideas. Wondering if they are reaching the people they need to be.

My work day has become a jungle of social media. While I know there are tools and apps and schedules that I can use to streamline social media, I can’t help wondering if it’s all too much?

I’m enjoying being on twitter – it’s quick and I can have actual conversations. I am obsessed with Instagram – you get lots of #behindthescreens and inspirational posts. I have Pinterest setup in my business name but I’ll more often than not be posting home office design and decor than business stuff (although you can find my fave goodies on this board here). I very rarely use Facebook any more and I still haven’t quite got the hang of google +.

Even though I’m not using them to the best advantage and I know that my posts aren’t being seen I still sit with each post and create shares (thanks coschedule!) I will schedule archive posts for months in advance not knowing if anyone will notice.

I spend more time doing this than I do creating content that helps people, building solutions to make my products better, creating systems to guide everything along smoothly.

I wonder if it’s all worth it. I want to connect with you. To help you in your journey of becoming an entrepreneur. To cheer you on as you succeed.