How to list your new website in Google

When you first launch a website its a period filled with excitement and anticipation. The hard work with your website developer is finally complete. The overwhelm is gone and you are ready to start your new adventure as your own boss.

After all the rush and hustle has gone you notice that there are no visitors.

You search Google – you’re not there.

You’re not sure what’s going on?

Wasn’t it supposed to be there?

Your website launched – didn’t Google get the invite?

One of the biggest misconceptions about launching your website is that you’ll be found in Google straight away. Unfortunately there is a little bit of grunt work involved to make the most of your search engine exposure.

Lucky for you though I’ve compiled a quick list of things that you can do right now to help you get listed in Google (and other search engines) quickly.

First, click on over to Google Webmaster Tools. Google provides these tools for website owners to look after their websites. The tools are fantastic and all free to use so go ahead and sign up here

You will need to verify your website, this can be with a file upload or with extra code added to your files. The file upload is much easier and you can watch a tutorial here.

Once verified your website can be monitored and you can go ahead an submit your website for indexing. Click here to add your website address to google

Your submission to Google can take a long time but I’ve included 5 ways to speed up the process below;
  1. Use your Social Media accounts to push links to your website
    Think Facebook posts about your launch, Instagram images of your popular products and services or even pinned images on Pinterest. By including a link back to your website along with the post or image you are giving Google another way to find you. Being massive websites that millions of people use everyday, Google routinely checks for links. With each new link Google sends out another stream to then search your website. Meaning that you’ve bypassed the waiting period. I would recommend staying consistent with this process as social popularity is another of the points that Google uses to rank your website.
  2. Setup your holding page while you are waiting for your website and start promoting before you launch
    By pushing your holding page using the same methods above you can jumpstart the process before your website is completed giving you an instant advantage once your website is launched.
  3. Include a blog or news page
    It’s no secret that Google is loving content right now and that can be any means but blog and news updates have become incredibly popular. By sharing articles and news with your followers (just like this post) you show Google that you are serious about helping your customer and that you are sharing relevant information about your industry. Google is big on helping others out and this is a great way to do it.
  4. Submit your website to directories and online listings
    Sure it can take a while to set these up but they are definitely worth it. A quick search for local business directory or online business directory brings up literally thousands of options. No, you don’t need to submit to all of them but they will certainly increase links back to your site and speed up the indexing.
  5. Have other people link to your website
    This is one of the reasons that I love to include a blog post and social media shout out with all of my websites as a link from a website that has been around for a while and is quite popular is like getting a recommendation on your resume. It shows good faith in your website and again is another way for you to jump the queue.
  6. BONUS: Stay Consistent
    This is one thing that I personally struggle with, consistency with your website and social media efforts certainly pays off. You will reach more followers on Facebook, see more visitors to your website and in turn more leads for your business. Just like any business marketing and advertising are essential to keep you moving and it is certainly worth taking the time to make it happen.

How did you go? Is it working? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,


About the Author

Hi, I’m Emma and it’s my mission in life to help others launch, grow and nurture their dreams.  I’m the straight talking nerd that can take the vision for your business and complete the puzzle to getting your business online. When I’m not shooting photos or dancing you can find me playing with the latest gadgets and tools to make your business so much easier. I work with women all over the globe to create businesses that light them up and inspire others. You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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