Step-by-Step Guide: Add an Instagram Feed to Your WordPress Website

Adding an Instagram feed to your website is an excellent way to bring movement and showcase your latest posts on your homepage. In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll explore an easy method to set up an Instagram feed on your WordPress website, even if you have limited technical knowledge. We’ll use a popular plugin called Smash Balloon to accomplish this. Let’s dive in!

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Step 1: Installing and Activating the Smash Balloon Plugin

To begin, navigate to your WordPress admin panel and go to “Plugins” > “Add New.” Search for “Smash Balloon” and install the “Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed” plugin. This plugin is highly recommended for its reliability, regular updates, and security. Once installed, activate the plugin.

Step 2: Configuring the Instagram Feed

After activating the plugin, you’ll see a new link in your WordPress sidebar called “Instagram Feed.” Click on it to access the plugin settings. Since this is a new installation, we’ll walk through the setup process together. Click on “Add New” and choose “User Timeline.”

Note: The free version of the plugin offers the timeline feature, which is sufficient for most users. However, the Pro version unlocks additional features like carousels and more styling options.

Step 3: Connecting Your Instagram Account

Next, you’ll need to connect your Instagram account to the plugin. Click on “Login with Instagram” and grant the necessary permissions for the plugin to access your Instagram account. This step is crucial for the plugin to retrieve your Instagram feed. After allowing access, the plugin will work in the background to fetch your feed.

Step 4: Customizing the Feed Layout

Once your feed is successfully connected, you can customize its appearance. In the free version, the customization options are limited but still effective. For example, you can choose to display five or six images in a row at the bottom of your footer.

To achieve this, set the height to five posts for both desktop and mobile views. Additionally, set the number of columns to five. Adjust the padding between the images according to your preference. For optimal results, set a height of around 400 pixels.

Step 5: Additional Customizations and Embedding the Feed

Consider turning off the header, follow button, and load more button if they don’t suit your website’s look. Removing these elements will keep the feed clean and focused. The Pro version also offers a lightbox feature, allowing users to click on the images to view them on Instagram.

Once you’re satisfied with the customization, save the settings. You’ll be provided with a shortcode. Copy the shortcode to your clipboard.

Step 6: Embedding the Feed into Your Website

To embed the Instagram feed into your website, access your theme builder. Use a code module or similar functionality to insert the shortcode you copied earlier. Save the changes, and the feed will appear on your website.

Congratulations! You have successfully added an Instagram feed to your WordPress website. This dynamic and engaging feature allows you to showcase your latest Instagram posts directly on your homepage. Feel free to customize the layout and appearance to align with your website’s design.

We hope this tutorial has been helpful. If you have any questions or need assistance customizing your WordPress website, get in touch.

Adding an Instagram feed to your website has never been easier. With the Smash Balloon plugin and the simple steps outlined in this tutorial, you can bring life to your homepage and constantly update your website without technical expertise. Start showcasing your Instagram posts today and make your website more engaging for your visitors.

Remember to regularly update your Instagram feed with fresh content to keep your website dynamic and vibrant. Enjoy the process of customizing your feed to suit your unique style and preferences.

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