custom website design + sales funnel automation for service based businesses

finally, a website that you can be proud of

…and makes you money

Ditch the website drama once and for all with custom website design, automation and strategy to build your authority online so that you can work with amazing clients, charge higher prices and actually have a life!

You’ve worked hard to get to this level of success…

But, it’s Friday night and instead of a romantic dinner for two or watching the latest blockbuster with your family, you’re eating leftover take away in front of your computer googling how to add a mailing list to your website. 

You close your Macbook and take another sip of wine. You’re exhausted.

You’re considering just throwing in the towel. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

By now you’ve half built a dozen different websites. But that magic $10K month, seems so freaking far away.

It’ll only take one or two extra clients, but all your time is taken up with admin and chasing up leads. 

You’re hustling your tush off posting on social media, joining all the Facebook groups, giving people discounts – let’s not even start on sending invoices and the never-ending saga of booking people in the right time zones – that’s five extra emails you didn’t need to send tonight. 

You fall into bed, exhausted. You’ve missed another night with your family. 

You lay awake thinking there has to be a better way.


But your next level, that’ll require something different…

You’ve had a wonderful weekend at the beach with your family – without your phone being attached to you. You got to make sand castles with your kids and play in the waves.

Dinner was delicious, you can’t remember the last time that you enjoyed a meal just you and your hubby, but you remember to plan this more often.

You wake up fresh and revitalised on Monday morning. You wander in to the kitchen and put the jug on.

As you do, you check your calendar for the day.

You’ve got three sessions today, all paid in full. You’re not sure how these dream clients found you.

And then you remember that you Elevated Your Online Presence.

Your website is singing your praises 24/7 and that content that you’ve been sharing is really paying off.

So this is what they meant when they talked about work/life balance.

Let us build you an online presence that speaks directly to your ideal clients and sells your services automatically – without you touching any of the tech!


Elevate Your Online Presence.

Launch your authority building website, your first sales funnel and your signature sales page in just 12 weeks.

To succeed in business online you need… 


Understand and Connect with your clients

so that working with you is a no-brainer decision


Capture emails and follow up automatically

create a waitlist of clients ready to buy your signature program.


Minimise repetitive tasks

Automate payments and bookings for your signature program.

Elevate Your Online Presence Gives You All of This and More.

Your strategic website design is built on three foundations called The Elevate Formula

The Simple 3 Step Formula to launching a website that grows your list, raises your authority and sells out your services… all while you catch up on sleep!

clarity: Building Your brand

Understand your customers, their frustrations and EXACTLY what it is you’re selling.

HINT: it’s not what you think!

Get to know your clients intimately and understand exactly how to speak to their pain and appeal to them in a way that cuts through all the noise and connects with your DREAM clients and sends the others to your competitors.

We’ll uncover what sets you apart and you’ll get unstoppable confidence in how you’re making a difference in the world


Understanding Your Ideal Clients

Discover who your clients are, what they value and how to connect with them instantly so that you no longer sell your services you begin to serve your clients


Find your X-Factor

Discover the #1 Secret to selling your service without feeling salesy – this module alone is worth the investment of Elevate Your Online Presence


Discover your Voice

Unlock the words and pages that have escaped you with copywriting guides, help to uncover your voice and ways to connect with your clients.

connection: Building your audience

Gather up a stockpile of ways to grow your waitlist, connect with your audience and maximise your reach.

From landing pages that drive conversions and grow your list to sales funnels that cut down the buying process from months to days (or less!), we’ll get specific on your needs and how to drive clients to your business.

This is where you’ll start to simplify and automate your business so that you can help more of your clients with less stress.


Design your ultimate client magnet

We’re told the money is in your list – your lead magnet is the ultimate way to grow your community and your prospective client list. Done wrong though and you’ll be left with a hard drive full of disasters


First Step to Conversions

Start before you’re ready. This is your minimum viable launch that will have you communicating with your audience before your full website is complete, this allows you to grow your list and start making sales before you’ve launched your website.


Build Your First Funnel

Understand the psychology of sales and get your first email funnel built (and installed into MailChimp or Convertkit) – email swipe files included!

conversions: Build your authority

Let’s turn that trickle of enquiries into a steady flow of engaged clients ready to buy your signature service.

This module sees you up the ante on your mission and go pro with your business and reaching more of the clients that need your help.

This is where you’ll establish your authority and position your business as the ONLY choice in your industry. You’ll have all of the tools at your disposal to create an online presence that sells your services without sleaze.


Establish your Authority

Understand how your website can drive your authority and your influence through the roof. Includes a complete site flow and customised user experience to plan your entire authority building website


Connect to Convert QUICKLY

Design the Ultimate Homepage and how you can show up in Google, stand out online and sell your services without trying


Sell without STRESS

The Golden Goose of your website and the final piece to your online business roadmap launching your signature sales page will allow you to accept applications, scale your business and see your income soar

I would recommend Emma and Morris Bear to anyone that is looking at starting a new website or your website needs a refresh! Emma is the one-stop girl that can help make your business look amazing with a professional feel and to make the ‘behind the scenes’ system run smoothly and efficiently.

Emma is always efficient in completing any job we have asked to do, she is always contactable and will reply and keep you updated with the progress which is something I value as I know if anything goes wrong with my website she is always there to help!

Leah Piper – Little Lola Boutique

As part of Elevate Your Online Presence you will receive…

Authority Building Website Design + Development

Your mobile friendly website designed using WordPress with the latest user experience and online strategy to increase your impact exponentially.

Valued at $4500

Signature Sales Page Design + Development

Sell our your services 24/7! Give your clients everything they need to tell you “hell yes, I want to work with you!” – including payment processing and appointment scheduling!

Valued at $2500

Sales Funnel Automation + Training

Write and launch your first sales funnel with 5 emails preloaded into Mailchimp or ConvertKit ready to connect to your lead magnet and sales page for the ultimate in automation

Valued at $1500

You’ll also receive…

Custom E-Book Design

Seduce visitors onto your list with a 5 page PDF custom designed to showcase your brand and drive traffic into your sales funnel to grow your list automatically.

Valued at $750

The Elevate Formula E-Course

Exclusive to Morris Bear, this 4-week online business course will give you walk you through each element of your online presence and how to write ALL of your content!

Valued at $795

Website Templates & Copywriting Cheatsheets

Understand the formula for each page of your website, and learn how to write your website EASILY so that you can connect with your clients immediately.

Valued at $995


1:1 Strategy and Planning

Take part in a VIP Day to plan your online brand and take your content to another level.

Valued at $997


Ongoing Training and Support

Access all of our training and tutorials including funnels, MailChimp, Divi and much more

Valued at $2000


Exclusive Community Support

Join a community of VIP’s to celebrate, network and grow your online business.


Start booking clients consistently.

custom website design + automation from


Approx. $4,200 USD 

Currently booking November 2019

Strictly limited applications are accepted to provide you with the attention that your business deserves.
All prices are in AUD. Includes GST for Australian residents.

How does the website design process work?


We need to make sure we’re a good fit. I limit the number of clients I work with at a time in order to deliver the absolute best for you and your business. I’m talking Harvey and Donna level chemistry.


We plan your site and your digital strategy. We make sure that everything flows well. As part of this phase, you get access to a VIP Momentum Day.


We make sure every element of your branding speaks directly to your ideal client. We’ll even touch on psychological sales formulas to make you completely irresistible.


This is where you sit back and wait for the bookings to roll in. I build your site. Automate your entire attraction process. We launch your new site. You fill your client roster.

don’t just take my word for it

Here’s what previous clients have said about working with Morris Bear Designs…

Everything you have ever touched has delivered results!

Lacey Barratt

It is Emma’s absolute mission to help you achieve exactly what you want + need.

James + Rebecca

Emma makes setting up an online business so SIMPLE! and EASY!

Lisa Leask

Emma is the one stop girl that can help make your business look amazing with a professional feel and to make the ‘behind the scenes’ system run smoothly and efficiently

Leah Piper

Investing in my website has allowed me to think bigger. For myself, for my business.

Angela Gallo

I have more confidence now when talking about my business as it looks really professional.

Danielle Pholi

Why Elevate Your Online Presence?

Hey there, I’m Em!

For the last 10 years, I’ve been working one on one with amazing entrepreneurs to launch and grow amazing online businesses.

The trouble was that I was just a website designer.

My clients were launching gorgeous websites that were easy to use and that their customers loved. 

But then crickets.

You see there is more to your website than just pretty graphics. 

Your website is a tool. And just one part of the puzzle.

Elevate Your Online Presence is the complete picture. 

Your sales funnel completed.

Your lead magnet designed.

Your client on-boarding process simplified.

Elevate Your Online Presence allows you to raise your rates, become known as the authority in your industry and become fully booked without hustling your ass off.

I know that you’re on a mission to change the world, and this is the first step.

Together, we’ll plan your complete user experience, work out the buying triggers visitors need to invest in you and how to simplify and systematise all aspects of your business so that you can get your life back.

Part online course, part coaching and your website completely done for you.

Emma was passionate about making something great for our business.

Our previous website was a huge let down for us.  We had spent so much money and received something that wasn’t much better than our home-made site.

Emma made the design process smooth and easy (and was patient with us) so that we weren’t overwhelmed with the huge task of building a great new website.

You are Ready to Elevate if you:


Have been in business for a while but your website is a hot mess and you’re wasting all of your energy on tedious admin tasks.


You’re a fresh-faced coach with a BIG purpose, a lot of passion and you are ready to go big or go home.


You’re ready to propel your business to new heights. You want authority, expansion and the advantage above your competitors.


You know your mission in life and you’re ready to start living your truth.

Does this sound like you?

Still got questions?

Here are some of the most common questions about our Website Design process

I’m not sure if Elevate Your Online Presence is right for me

Your website is one of the biggest investments that you’ll ever make in your business and you should be 100% excited and sure of the relationship with your designer. I’d love to chat with you
over Skype to personally answer any questions that you might have. All of my appointments are scheduled online and you can request a time that suits you here.

How long will it take to build my website?

Elevate Your Online Presence is scheduled over three months. This includes time to complete your prep-work. Which sets you up with everything you need to launch your website including content and photos. 

If your website content and photos are uploaded to your client portal you’ll have first dibs into my production calendar.

I need my website live yesterday, can we speed up the process?

If you can provide your completed Planning Kit and website content I can certainly work with you to speed up the process. Shoot me a here message here to discuss your needs.

Do you offer payment plans?

Sure do. We offer monthly payment plans over the 3-month process or alternatively, you can save yourself 10% on the price by pre-paying your investment.

Remember: Your website should be your business’ greatest asset and as such will be tax deductible (check with your accountant to make sure this is applicable for you)


Will you setup my mailing list?

Absolutely. I recommend starting with Mailchimp and I will happily connect this into your website and even set you up with a template to make sending newsletters even easier.

As part of Elevate Your Online Presence, you’ll also write your first sales funnel and this will be automated in your MailChimp account.

Are there any additional costs with Elevate Your Online Presence?

When I go shopping, I like to know everything that I bought is my own so I’ve created EYOP to be just that. The only ongoing costs will be your website hosting and any additional tools or payment processor fees that you have included.

What do I need to provide before we start?

The Irresistible Website Planning Kit is designed to walk you through everything that you will need to launch with Elevate Your Online Presence.

This includes your domain name, mailing list and social media details along with your website content and images. It will also form a basis for your website style guide.

We walk you through the entire process to make each step of the way simple.

What happens if I get really busy and can't complete the Planning Kit or design period?

If for any reason you can’t complete the Planning Kit or become unreachable within your design period you’ll have the opportunity to reschedule within 6 months. As your booking is a priority in my calendar there will be a $350 reschedule fee.

I’m not tech savvy - will Elevate Your Online Presence work for me?

Definitely! I’m super proud of my ability to break down tech hurdles and make them easy to understand. If you can use Facebook you’ll be comfortable using your Elevate website.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Absolutely! This is a must for any online business and is included within your website design.

How will you build my website?

I work with the WordPress framework – it’s the only website that doesn’t come with monthly access fees or ongoing costs. It’s also extendable to work with a variety of functions.

Will I be able to edit my website?

Absolutely! We’re proud to offer an extensive library of online training videos that you’ll have lifetime access to.

You’ll also receive a 1:1 website training session via Skype along 30 days email support.

I’ve got some more questions, can I call you?

Absolutely! I understand that your website is your number one investments for your online business and as part of the application below, we’ll schedule a call on Skype to get to know one another and see if this will be a good fit for you and your business.

To keep my current workload flowing all client calls are scheduled on a Monday and can be booked online here. (Just one of the features we can include on your EYOP website.)

What if I don’t like the designs?

That would be a horrible experience! The Irresistible Website Planning Kit is designed to get to know you and your business intimately so that that doesn’t happen. I also provide 3 rounds of design along with 3 rounds of revisions to make sure that you fall head over heels in love with your website. If for any reason you’re still not feeling the love we’ll discuss the best options moving forward.

Can I include E-Commerce, E-Course or Membership options in my package?

Definitely! Your website will be built with WordPress to make it super easy to add on features such as selling digital and physical products and also protected areas of your website for online courses and membership areas.

Please include details of your requirements on your intake questionnaire and I can address these add-ons directly with you.

Do you write the content for my website?

Writing is not in my Zone of Genius, it’s taken me far too long to write my own website!

But I’m more than happy to refer you to some legendary copywriters who work with you to create incredible website copy directly.

There is also a specific module in Web Prep School that walks you through writing your own website copy and provides you with easy to use templates to give you a head start.

Are you payments in AUD or USD?

As an Aussie myself all of the payments listed on the site are in Australian Dollars. The good news is that’s a sneaky saving for all my American customers. You can check the conversion rate for your country here.