So I came up with a cool idea that will help you sell yourself online. 

It’s a 5 Day Challenge/Course/Incubator thing.

I don’t have a sales page for it yet <- Again breaking the rules.

I don’t have a full curriculum. I’ll primarily be winging it. Like we all are right now.

But what I can tell you is that in 5 days you’ll have a landing page/sales page/ way for people to buy things from you. 

You can sell your time – perfect for coaches/consultants

You can sell your skill – you can show someone how to crochet a beanie to cover their isolation hair cut

You can sell a product – or heaps. I’ll show you both. 

We’re talking from complete scratch here. 

Day one will be all the basics. Domains, Hosting, Installing and getting set up with email marketing. Got these already? Cool, you can jump in on Day 2 if you’d like. 

Day 2 will be Strategy. Because you read the recipe before baking hot cross buns from scratch. We’ll talk about what you’re selling. What you’re actually selling. And how to create a page that sells that. 

Day 3 will be Copy. The words you use to sell your thing. The building blocks for each step of the way and the flow to direct people to pay you. 

Day 4 will be Design. We’ll talk colours. Design fundamentals. How to find stock photos. How to find inspiration and how to tie it all together. 

Day 5 we’ll add payment buttons. Connect it to an email system and launch your thing. 

Each day there will be a live training in the Facebook group with an opportunity to ask questions. 

Then I’ll upload it all to my course platform so that you have lifetime access. Next time you have an idea to sell refer to the course and follow the steps.