Hi, I'm Emma

I can help you build and grow an online business that lights you up, works for you and makes you money

Over the last 8 years working as Morris Bear, I have helped hundreds of women, just like you, with a passion, a vision, and a drive to create something more within their life.

If you’re looking to extend your maternity leave, spend more time with your family, or finally take your passion from hobby to profitable, I can help.

Take advantage of my geekiness and obsession for systems and technology and stop wasting what little time you currently have on trying to work this all out on your own.

You can have the business that you’ve been dreaming of – and all without the tech nightmares!

My mum has been a huge influence on my life and my career – teaching me to use my first Apple Macintosh at school, buying my first PC and getting us connected to the World Wide Web even buying me the copy of HTML for Dummies that started this whole journey. So it’s not a surprise that when my mum became ill, my sister and I both became her carers.

Just like you, I wanted to be able to stay at home and make the most of my time with my family, but I also knew I wanted to do more. I wanted my own independence and security. I craved it. I was constantly searching for something that I loved, that I knew and something that would help others in a similar situation. And so Morris Bear was born.

Working around when my mum was well and working late into the wee hours of the morning I hustled and worked with amazing women, using my skills, to help them gain the freedom and financial security that they ached for.

Worth every F*%King dollar!

Angela Gallo

Angela Gallo

Morris Bear Website Design and Development

Since grabbing that copy of HTML for Dummies over 20 years ago, I have had a devotion to learning and devouring everything I could possibly know about creating websites.

Over the last 8 years I have helped hundreds of women just like you to create and grow websites, online stores and lifestyles that light them up (all while crafting my own!)

From photographers, nutrition coaches, doulas and baby sleep experts to florists and children’s wear retailers, Morris Bear has brought them to life.

I’m also proud to say that my number one source of new clients is from word of mouth and also working with my existing clients every few years to update and grow their businesses.

Morris Bear Website Design and Development

It is Em’s absolute mission to help you achieve exactly what you want.

James & Rebecca


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