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 Launching your program or service can be hard.

There’s the emails to write. The showing up to promote. The feelings to fight the entire way. And then you need to create a sales page that actually sells your program. It’s a recipe for procrastination!

Unfortunately though, procrastinating on your launch will not help you book more clients, sell more of your programs or have the $5k – $10K month you’ve been dreaming of.

You’ve got to actually do the damn thing.

So in the spirit of doing the damn thing I’m walking you through the process that I use to create sales pages that SELL OUT programs, that speak to your audience and can be used to attract consistent clients into your programs.

The Essential 10 Simple Steps to a Sales Page that Converts!


Your Hook

This is your smack them in the face statement that shows that you understand your customers problems and that you know how to solve them. 


Empathise with your client

Dig deep into the problems that they’re having and what’s keeping them up at night. This is your chance to build report with your clients. This is where knowing your clients intimately will help. 


Show them the light at the end of the tunnel

Show your clients how your program will change their life. This is where you should be talking about the results of working with you. Be sure to show the outcome of your results too. Rather than selling weight loss you want to sell the thrill of being able to fit into your high school skinny jeans.


Introduce your program

One sentance. The what, how and how long. That’s it. This is short and to the point. It’s important here to show off your program, service or course with a sneak preview.


What's included?

Go through the inclusions of your program. Are you covering multiple topics? List them out here. Show the results of each module and whats in it for your clients too. This gives your clients clear expectations and will show exactly what will happen as your client moves through the program. Also take this time to show off any bonuses. Check out the video above for tips to encourage fast action.


Your call to action

List out the price. The number available and include a BIG BOLD BUTTON to take your client to the next step. This is also a good time to list out what will happen after they click the button and how their order will progress.



Social proof is still one of the biggest motivators online. And testimonials are just that. They show that the results are possible and not just figments that you’ve made up to sell a program. They build your know, like and trust factor.


Your Bio

Introduce yourself here. People want to see your face to get to know you, so here’s your chance. This about section isn’t about YOU, it’s about connecting with your client. Show them how you can help them transform and how you’ve done this yourself.


Frequently asked questions

Think of all of the questions that are stopping your readers from buying your program. Answering them here will help to ease your reader’s mind and give them the confidence to buy your program.


Repeat your call to action

Don’t make your customers think or second guess their decision. Give them a secondary option to click that buy now buton and work with you. 


Offer a guarantee

If you’re selling a program or course it’s a good idea to offer a guarantee that makes your clients feel comfortable about trusting and working with you. 

So there you have it, a simple formula for writing and building your signature sales page. 

Leave me a comment below telling me what you’re launching and if you want to cut your sales page building time in half.

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